Amber M. Conrow

Amber is the newest and youngest member of the Keen & Pocock Financial Partners team.

She is our Client Liaison and hands down the most energetic person in the office! Amber was drawn to Keen & Pocock by our family atmosphere. To quote Amber “I could see that Keen & Pocock was a special place to be. The whole team was a family, and they invite each client to join the family and be treated like a valued member.” If you have attended one of our Client Workshops, then you have likely met Amber. One of her favorite joys is bringing new clients to workshops, watching them integrate with the team, and then seeing them gain the confidence of knowing they are reaching their life goals.

Amber is a graduate of East Carolina University, majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing. Amber is also very well traveled; having studied abroad in France and traveled extensively through Europe.

We confess that Amber is one of our favorite people in the office to tease. Most of our office banter revolves around things which took place before Amber was born, so she usually has no idea what we are talking about. This provides razzing opportunities which are effortless and frequent. Fortunately Amber is an excellent sport!

Amber enjoys some awesome stuff outside of work. She loves to exercise, has completed two half-marathons, and still loves to travel. Just ask her how many days it is until her next trip! Amber also loves spending time with her family and her new puppy Levi.